A-Lin & Xiao Yu (小宇) in Vancouver! #INSPIRE2013ALIN

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to volunteer at an Inspire Vancouver concert on with my AX3 Multimedia team. The concert featured the amazing A-Lin and the guest singer Xiao Yu (小宇), and was hosted by I AM MADE Entertainment & AX3 Multimedia at Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver.


Originally at the beginning of the concert, I was actually a bigger fan of 小宇, having listened to his songs when he first debuted as a new artist a few years back. However, by the end of the concert, I was beyond impressed with A-Lin’s voice.

She is an absolute incredible singer live. Her wide vocal range and impeccable control over her tone was stunning, but it was the passion that resonated in every song that made her so memorable. I remember very distinctly during one of her songs she held one very, very clear note… so pure it gave me shivers up my spine! I don’t know why I hadn’t been a big fan of her before the concert, but I definitely am now!

小宇 on the other hand, was as amazing as ever. His voice has a bit of an R&B vibe that is a little different than other Taiwanese artists. He composes his own songs and I believe some of his own lyrics as well. I loved that he performed one of my favourites, 愛上,  although it is not from his newest released CD. Xiao Yu is a very talented artist who deserves more love and support =)

If you are interested in reading more, check out a concert review written by Alexander Lang over at our AX3 Battery blog! It includes more high-def pictures and a full set-list of the songs A-Lin performed. Click HERE! =D


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