Review: Red Wagon Cafe (Vancouver)

I love breakfast food. Waffles, pancakes, eggs, the whole deal…. I could probably eat breakfast 3 meals a day and be completely happy 😀 When I heard a little diner on East Hastings called Red Wagon Cafe had an all-day breakfast menu, I was sold. 

Feeling like comfort food, I chose the Trucker, with 2 eggs, 2 buttermilk pancakes, homefries, sausage and toast. Oh boy, were those pancakes fluffy! Soaked with maple syrup, they just might be the best pancakes I have had in Vancouver yet. Perfectly done scrambled eggs, tasty homefries and crunchy toast that didn’t taste like cardboard… yum! 


I definitely will be back to try more items on their menu…. Check it out here



  1. there are a couple of pancake shops here in Japan that constantly have a line… I mean like, on the weekends, …more than an hour! crazy. but yes, pancakes, waffles are delicious! lol

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