I want to see these 3 trends DIE.

1) Harlem Shake 

For anyone who doesn’t know what it is (have you been living under a rock?!), it is usually a short 30 second video. The beginning half has one solo dancer in the middle of a crowd, usually wearing some kind of helmet/mask/outrageous get-up and dry-humping the air… or some equally atrocious “dance”. In the second half of the video, the bass drops, and the whole crowd joins in on the dance, likely also in some kind of outrageous costumes.

This trend has been going on for a few weeks now.. spreading from universities to businesses, etc. The problem is… THEY’RE NOT DOING THE REAL HARLEM SHAKE!

See what the REAL Harlem Shake is here: http://youtu.be/xt_4yv3_INw

Why do I want to see this trend die? If you’re not going to do it right, just don’t do it. Please.
It’s also very insulting to the originator of the dance, which comes from Harlem, New York City, a major African-American residential area. This dance is part of their heritage and culture, and for you to participate in the degrading of this dance by dry-airhumping or other equally atrocious “dance” moves and calling it the Harlem Shake, is incredibly disrespectful of you.
(Plus you just look like a complete idiot.)

2) The Nuclear Bomb AKA The Sock Bun 

Girls, this one is for you. I’m not sure when this particular trend became popular but I shake my head everytime I see a girl with it on the street. Basically, she would cut a sock into some sort of shape, then use it to wrap/roll her hair into it, so she has a giant donut on top of her head. This diagram tutorial will neatly explain the concept.


The final product will look like this:


Thank you, Kim Kardashian, for demonstrating how to display a giant nuclear mushroom cloud on top of your head… hence why I call this the Nuclear Bomb hairstyle.

Like really. I don’t understand what’s so attractive about having a giant donut on the top of your head… it looks like someone just took a dump on your head. If you insist on doing some kind of bun, why not at the back of your head? So we can see your pretty face, rather than being distracted by the nuclear mushroom cloud?

I hope this trend dies… sooner rather than later.

3) Excessive Hashtagging on Twitter/Instagram

This one is particularly for Instagram. Yes, I personally have both a Twitter and an Instagram account, and I do use hashtags on both… however, I do think that the number of hashtags on one single tweet or picture should be limited to… 3-5? maximum 10? What do you think?

I just think it’s absolutely ridiculous when some girl’s selfie shot has

” #selfie #hottie #girl #instahot #instafit #fitness #shinebrightlikeadiamond #daybyday #thisismytime #smile #study #inspired #nerd #university #student #thisisme #success #ootd #monday #beautiful #gorgeous #lateupload #fresh #dressedup……”

…and continues on to fill 5-6 lines of the caption.

Just stop. We can just smell your desperation to gain likes and compliments from your excessive hashtagging. Enough is enough.


What do you think? Do you agree with some/all of these trends that should cease to exist? 

Note: Above words are my personal opinion only. 



    1. Hi Sukhraj! I’m humbled by your presence on my blog :O hahaha
      Oddly enough, I don’t find gangnam style as irritating as the harlem shake though.. lol

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