Just for a moment…

I step in, and the cool surface of the bottom greets my weary toes. I turn on the water, oh so cold for the first few seconds, then gradually warming up. The water streams down, gently easing away the knots in my shoulders, and releasing the aches of daily commuting in my lower back. Onto my hips, soothing the angry red marks where my jeans had roughly chafed against for the better part of the day. Trickling down my legs, from thighs to calves, until it tickles my toes, erasing away the weary consequence of hundreds, thousands of footprints through the city.

The exfoliating crystals in my bodywash gently scrub into my skin, opening the pores to embrace the hot water. I can feel the grime and grease of a day’s workΒ slowly being rubbed away. The light citrus fragrance intertwines with the hot steam, a dance of pleasures, wafting up and around me in a soft cocoon. For a moment, as I close my eyes, I feel complete relaxation. Not having to worry about putting on a smile, “I’m doing well, how are you?” or stressing about work… not having to feel so utterly inadequate in my skills and education, or feeling incredibly unconfident with my less-than-perfect body. Everything and nothing is there.

For a moment, just for a moment… my mind is at peace. Especially after a long or bad day, this sensation is especially wonderful, almost a complete cleansing of my mind and soul. A little like inhaling serenity and slowly, continuously exhaling everything terrible, bad, or stressful. Away it goes… the day’s exhaustion washes away like the bubbly soap suds on my skin, and I awaken.


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