Review: Peninsula Seafood Restaurant – All Talk, No Action

I had the opportunity to visit Peninsula Seafood Restaurant (半島公館) this past weekend, a newly opened Chinese restaurant at Oakridge Centre. The restaurant itself was new, modern, and beautiful. I particularly enjoyed the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and the big screen TV that played the Canucks game.

However, I was quite disappointed with the service. When K & I arrived, the other 2 guests of our party had already arrived. However, there was a missing chair at our table, despite making a reservation… it took 3 different servers and almost 10 minutes of standing around before someone finally moved a chair over. After ordering, we checked the slip – the person who had taken our order, one of the managers on the floor, had forgot to include a dish.

After our appetizer (fruit cup), a server brought over warm towels for our hands. Helpful, but he only gave us three, and forgot to give us the fourth. What the heck?



Crab Vermicelli – This was the first dish to come after a 20 minute wait after ordering. I honestly was a little underwhelmed by this dish – the vermicelli was dry and hard to chew, and the pieces of crab were few and far between. Image

The Classic Squab – Juicy, chewy… pretty normal, just like any other Chinese restaurant in the city.



Shanghai Yellowfish – I’ve never tried this kind of fish before so this was my first time. It was quite tasty and chewy – a little salty but a lemon squeeze on top really enhanced the flavour. This was probably the best dish of the night.


15 minutes after we had finished our last dish, this order (I don’t know what it’s called) still had not come. We asked the manager – he assured us that “Yes I included the order, I’ll check for you!”. And off he went to check on the computer, only to disappear and not come back to update it us on its status. We flagged down another server to check on the order. She told us that she would check on it as well… and also disappeared to her other duties.

With no more dishes on our table, it understandably looked like we were finished our meal: a female manager came over to our table and immediately began clearing our tables and utensils.

We informed her that we were still waiting for one more dish, so she brought over new dishes and chopsticks and told us that it was probably almost done. After another 10 minutes, it FINALLY arrived..

I was very disappointed by this visit to Peninsula Seafood Restaurant. There were probably 15 tables in the restaurant and 6-7 servers plus an additional 2-3 managers on the floor. Yet nobody came to check if we needed anything, like a refill of tea/water. For a restaurant of this calibre, service should not have been this horrendous.


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