Review: The Foundation

A year ago, I didn’t know what quinoa or hummus was. A year later, all thanks to K, I’ve opened my eyes (and tummy) and grown to appreciate raw, healthy foods.

Note: I know my photos aren’t the greatest… still a learning process for me!


A Katered AffairΒ – Share platter with mingling yams dip, molten tofu, insurgent hummus, and serial salad. My favourite was the yam dip – couldn’t get enough of it!Image

Foundation Burger – Tofu, veggie, flax & oats, with mixed greens.


Sesame Society – Veggie & tofu with maple tahini sauce, served on quinoa and spinach. Love the sesame sauce in this!


I visited this place once before, and didn’t like it. I’m glad I gave this place a second chance.. because everything was delicious!


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