Review: Indochino Kitchen

A few days, I visited Indochino Kitchen on East Broadway with a few friends for a celebration dinner.


Hainanese Chicken, Indochino

My friend ordered a Hainanese Chicken, served with rice with fish vinaigrette and ginger, scallion, sesame sauces on the side. It was good, but in my opinion, not as tasty as the Hainanese Chicken from Hawker’s Delight.

Singaporean LaksaThis Singaporean Laksa was spicy! Rice vermicelli noodles in a spicy seafood coconut curry broth with prawns, tofu puffs, fish balls, fish slices, a hardboiled egg, and bean sprouts. I’m not quite sure how the server expected my friend to eat this dish, as she forgot to bring utensils to our table…

Beef Luc LacFinally, my dish arrived, Beef Luc Lac… but without the egg I ordered. At this point, it was a little irritating dealing with the forgetfulness of our server, as she was hard to flag down as well.

The Beef Luc Lac was again, tasty, but the tomato fried rice was a little harder than I liked. There was a good amount of food as well, I wasn’t able to finish the whole dish. All in all, I think I prefer the Beef Luc Lac from Phnom Penh to this one.

Lychee MojitoDrinks up! This Lychee Mojito was the best part of the meal – sweet and minty, this drink was perfectly refreshing for the summer evening.

Decent meal at Indochino, but I won’t be in any particular rush to return there soon.


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