Review: Elements Urban Tapas Parlour, Whistler

I visited Whistler last month on a day trip, and had been looking for dinner options for a special occasion. Bearfoot Bistro was too pricey, and I didn’t really feel like just pizza or poutine. Elements was the perfect fit – unique and delicious dinner, at an affordable price for a step up from casual dining. I had been here once before – for brunch – and it left nothing but good impressions.

Elements Urban Tapas Lounge is tucked away in Whistler Village North, and has a small, but intimate dining room. There were only two other tables when we walked in, so the restaurant was pleasantly quiet.

Elements Urban Tapas Lounge

Soup of the day – I don’t remember the exact name.. but it was delicious. And that’s all you need to know. Also, the perfect amount to share between two people!

Elements Urban Tapas Lounge

Lettuce cups, with crunchy baby iceberg lettuce, julienne vegetables, seasoned rice noodles, soy roasted cashews, bean sprouts, Nuoc-cham dipping sauce and ahi tuna (sashimi & tobiko).

This was fun to eat! It was actually quite amusing eating lettuce cups that got progressively smaller and could fit fewer and fewer things in it. I really appreciated the light and refreshing taste of these, even with the Nuoc-cham dipping sauce.

Elements Urban Tapas Lounge

Roast duck breast, with maple roasted root vegetables, and beet relish. 

The duck breast just melts in your mouth – so succulent. I love squash, so I definitely loved seeing and tasting them in this dish. The beet relish was a little questionable – I didn’t quite like that it was cold and just sat on top.. it presented a rather stark and almost unwelcome contrast to the warmness of the duck & squash.

Elements Urban Tapas Lounge

Orange & ginger braised bison short ribs, with fresh daikon and pineapple salsa. 

I could definitely taste the ginger in this, though not in a bad way! It gave just enough of a kick to the short ribs, though the orange I didn’t taste so much. The meat just falls off the bone of this one.

All in all, such a great night. Food was delicious, service was great… I would definitely come back again for another meal! Maybe lunch next time 🙂


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