Memory Monday: #ThisIsCocoa!

leonidas party

In honour of Epicentr Academy’s launch on Thursday with this summer’s 15 new recruits, I’m sharing this photo from when I was a Project Manager for Epicentr back in the fall of 2013. My client was Leonidas Chocolate Cafe at Waterfront, and my two community managers and I managed their social media accounts for 8 months.

To promote more engagement for Leonidas’ Facebook & Twitter, our team (with the help of Orane) threw two exclusive media parties called #ThisIsCocoa, complete with Spartan props and party balloons. We tried way too many chocolates, drank way too much wine, and generally just had a huge blast.

After the parties was over, we looked at our Twitter numbers, and ended up with 60+ social media contributors with average 3 tweets each, generating over 380,000 impressions. Not bad at all for a team of 3 social media newbies. #proud


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