Into the sky! With Whistler Superfly Ziplines

When it comes to staycations in BC, I can imagine Whistler Blackcomb easily one of the top destinations, and not just in the winter! In the summer months, Whistler has a great variety of outdoor activities, including trail biking, sightseeing tours, jet boating, bungee jumping, horseback riding, ATV tours, white water rafting, and more.

My friend and I decided on Whistler as our destination of choice for a quick getaway trip from Vancouver. One of the activities we picked was ziplining with Superfly Ziplines. Sound like fun? Here’s our experience!

The zipline experience was estimated to be about 3 hours round trip. We opted to meet Superfly at their Whistler Village location, where their staff walked us over to their brightly coloured Superfly bus. Lucky for us – it was a gorgeous day, with plenty of sunshine and a hint of a breeze.

DSC09857 edit

Up, up, we went on the mountain, until we arrived at the Cougar Mountain Base, the hubbub of their activities, including the ziplines and Treetop Adventures.

DSC09773 edit

We met our guides William and Astrid, who welcomed us with a quick introduction, suited us up, and did a quick demonstration of what we were to expect on the zipline. We also learned William and Astrid’s funky monkey dance, which later become a common theme throughout our experience – their little dance indicated to us while flying through the air to prepare for the end of the zipline in the proper landing position.

DSC09780 edit

There was a group of 8 of us – my friend and I, a couple, and a family of four, including two kids. We hopped into a few ATV’s and continued our adventure higher up on the mountain.

DSC09789 edit

At the very top of the mountain, I have to admit, I was a little nervous. Looking down, it really was quite high up – our first zipline was the highest zipline in Canada! It was an incredible view point though, overlooking the forests below, with the mountains and blue skies in the background. My picture, unfortunately, does not do it proper justice. You’ll have to see it for yourself!

DSC09788 editAstrid was the first to fly down to the next base. Throughout the next few hours, William and Astrid were fantastic in coordinating with each other – one would strap us in, and double check our equipment was good to go, and the other would be at the other side to receive us with the funky monkey dance. Since the ziplines were tandem, the two kids from the family would often volunteer to be the first to zip down and race each other to the other side!

DSC09800 edit

There were 4 different ziplines, each with their own unique characteristics. For example, the first one was the highest, where as the third one was nicknamed Godzilla for the fastest. All four ziplines were tandem, with two lines right next to each other, but the fourth zipline was special – the two ziplines are actually close enough for a couple to hold hands on their way down.  Isn’t that sweet?

DSC09833 edit

Ziplining with Superfly was such an incredible experience, a mix of feeling intense adrenaline rushes while flying in the air, and a sense of peace and serenity trekking through the forest to our next location. Thanks to our guides William and Astrid, we felt safe, comfortable and taken care of throughout the whole journey.

And afterwards, we topped off our experience with delicious ice cream with none other than Cows in Whistler Village. Yum!

DSC09867 edit

For your next trip to Whistler, I would highly recommend including Superfly Ziplines as part of your itinerary for an unforgettable adventure!


Review: Elements Urban Tapas Parlour, Whistler

I visited Whistler last month on a day trip, and had been looking for dinner options for a special occasion. Bearfoot Bistro was too pricey, and I didn’t really feel like just pizza or poutine. Elements was the perfect fit – unique and delicious dinner, at an affordable price for a step up from casual dining. I had been here once before – for brunch – and it left nothing but good impressions.

Elements Urban Tapas Lounge is tucked away in Whistler Village North, and has a small, but intimate dining room. There were only two other tables when we walked in, so the restaurant was pleasantly quiet.

Elements Urban Tapas Lounge

Soup of the day – I don’t remember the exact name.. but it was delicious. And that’s all you need to know. Also, the perfect amount to share between two people!

Elements Urban Tapas Lounge

Lettuce cups, with crunchy baby iceberg lettuce, julienne vegetables, seasoned rice noodles, soy roasted cashews, bean sprouts, Nuoc-cham dipping sauce and ahi tuna (sashimi & tobiko).

This was fun to eat! It was actually quite amusing eating lettuce cups that got progressively smaller and could fit fewer and fewer things in it. I really appreciated the light and refreshing taste of these, even with the Nuoc-cham dipping sauce.

Elements Urban Tapas Lounge

Roast duck breast, with maple roasted root vegetables, and beet relish. 

The duck breast just melts in your mouth – so succulent. I love squash, so I definitely loved seeing and tasting them in this dish. The beet relish was a little questionable – I didn’t quite like that it was cold and just sat on top.. it presented a rather stark and almost unwelcome contrast to the warmness of the duck & squash.

Elements Urban Tapas Lounge

Orange & ginger braised bison short ribs, with fresh daikon and pineapple salsa. 

I could definitely taste the ginger in this, though not in a bad way! It gave just enough of a kick to the short ribs, though the orange I didn’t taste so much. The meat just falls off the bone of this one.

All in all, such a great night. Food was delicious, service was great… I would definitely come back again for another meal! Maybe lunch next time 🙂

Mini Whistler Getaway!

Over the weekend, I had the chance to try snowboarding for the first time at Whistler. The weather was amazing – a little on the chilly/windy side, but lots of sunshine!


In my honest opinion, snowboarding isn’t quite up my alley… but to be fair, I only spent 3 hours on the mountain in a beginner’s lesson. Between worrying about going in the right direction and doing as the instructor instructed, I also had to worry about falling over the cliff! I’m not too fond of heights :$

Nonetheless it was an interesting experience. I’m not sure whether I would do it again, but hey, I could always try skiing next time (apparently it’s easier).


After getting off the mountain and still in all our snowgear, le boyfriend and I decided to wander Whistler Village for some happy hour appys… or as they like to call it: “après” (French translation “after”). We stopped at The Citta Bar/Citta’ Bistro for some deliciously crunchy yam fries (my favourite!), hot chocolate, and an absolutely incredible Baked Spinach Artichoke Dip. This was actually quite a lot for the two of us… we agreed afterwards that we probably should’ve just stuck with one appy =P


We stayed at the beautiful Aava Hotel for the night. I loved the rainbow neon lights along their exterior! Not sure if this is usually what the hotel looks like or set up for the Gay Pride celebrations in Whistler the same weekend.


For dinner we dined at the famous Bearfoot Bistro in Whistler VIllage. Stay tuned for my next post for details and fooood pictures =D